The Basics

Conceptual Models - Part 1 from Jochem Tolsma on Vimeo.

After having watched this video you will know:

  • The common assumptions researchers make when drawing conceptual models
    • chronological order
    • causality
    • causal importance
  • That relationships between concepts have directions/valence and that it is good practice to make these explicit.
  • That choosing the right labels for your concepts is important:
    • because only with good labels does it make sense to assign valence to the relations;
    • labels should be close to both the concept as intended as the concept as measured;
    • researchers operate in (politically and scientifically) sensitive environments and labels should be (cross-culturally, cross-disciplinary) appropriate.



Theories and Deductions_ICS from Jacob Dijkstra on Vimeo.


Empirical Content Quiz_ICS from Jacob Dijkstra on Vimeo.