conceptual model, mediation, explanation, tutorial, R, Lavaan

Consequences of Complete Networks

Influence and selection dynamics in complete networks.

Consequences of Egocentric Networks (methods)

micro-macro model, tutorial, R, Lavaan

RSiena II (consequences)

RSiena, twitter, social networks, plotting, tutorial, R, Lavaan

Plotting social networks

igraph, social networks, plotting, tutorial, R, Lavaan

Spurious relationship

conceptual model, mediation, explanation, spurious relatinship, tutorial, R, Lavaan


Tolsma et al. (2013) applied a social network perspective in interethnic bullying research. What were their main criticism on previous research? Please summarize the hypotheses of Tolsma et al. (2013) with regard to the four ethnicity effects (ego, alter, dyad, context)?


Theoretical part SELF-TEST Please formulate a hypothesis on how cultural modernisation (e.g. more equal gender norms) may have affected assortative mating. Please focus on the impact of cultural modernisation on ‘preferences’.


Theoretical part SELF-TEST Egocentric networks: Consequences-Period Trends A. What is meant by raw homophily rates, structural/baseline homophily and taste/inbreeding homophily? B. What is mean by network size, network composition, network structure, network stability?


conceptual model, moderation, explanation, tutorial, R, Lavaan